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PhD's, Eating Psychology Experts, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, R.N.'s...

and The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. 

John Platero

CEO – National Council for Certified Personal Trainer - 35 fitness certifications: ACSM, ACE, AFAA, ISSA, NASM, NBFE and the NSCA, a B.A. in Sports Recreational Management and dual MA in Sports Medicine and Health and Fitness

From where I stand as a fitness professional, The Mindful Eating Method provides the most comprehensive and effective approach to healthy and permanent weight loss that I’ve ever come across. The program is revolutionary in its mental mastery approach, while still largely based on the recommendations from the world’s top obesity experts. Our trainers have been blown away by the behavioral modification trainings that not only help former dieters to gradually lose weight, permanently, but develop the higher levels of will power, motivation and inspiration needed to stay committed to their health and weight loss goals.  In the program, the dysfunctional ‘dieting’ model, which has proven wildly ineffective, is finally been replaced by an approach that not only works, but is vital to turning around the obesity epidemic. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

MarySue Abernathy

Mary Sue Abernethy MFT, RDN, NNTS,D-ACEP, Licensed Nutritionist

I have over 30 years of experience working with eating disorders, depression, compulsive behaviors & self esteem issues. In my professional opinion The Mindful Eating Method is by far the most comprehensive online program I have ever seen that addresses emotional eating to accomplish healthy, permanent weight loss. The program builds personal awareness around the core issues at the root of emotional overeating patterns, which is exactly what allows program users to move beyond self-sabotaging eating patterns, once and for all. The program is science based in its approach, and provides mind/body nutrition techniques that fuel digestion, stimulate your metabolism and allow you to reach your natural weight without deep deprivation or dieting. The strategies and recommendations are simple and easy to practice. Lily’s personal experience with food addiction has allowed her to create an amazing program that those dealing with overeating patterns can relate to on every level, which is why the program is so powerful. Behavioral modification trainings such as this one that truly change the person from the inside out, will eventually transform the weight loss industry and help millions of people to overcome overeating permanently and end the obesity epidemic that has been largely fueled by fad diets. I highly recommend it, and wouldn’t want anyone struggling with this issue to miss out using this program, it is empowering and transformative!

Bella Icenhower, ND

Naturopathic Doctor and former California Delegate for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

As a practicing Naturopathic doctor for over 16 years, I witness the struggle some women experience in making healthier lifestyle choices. With naturopathic medicine I provide a treatment plan to address the physiological issues to move a patient out of a diseased state of health, but sometimes mental and emotional patterns keep a patient from implementing and sticking to this plan. Lily Hills has put her heart and soul, along with her knowledge and wisdom, into creating The Mindful Eating Method that provides a powerful solution to break through inhibiting mental and emotion patterns. This highly effective behavioral modification training enables my patients to take control of their choices and motivates them to stay committed to their treatment plan while successfully reaching and sustaining their health and weight loss goals.

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Andrea Wachter

LMFT Psychotherapist and Author “Don’t Diet, Live It”

The Mindful Eating Method offers a powerful “home base” for people to begin (or continue) their healing from compulsive overeating. As a psychotherapist who treats eating disorders, I know only too well that the time in between sessions is crucial. Those are the moments when big feelings arise. Those are the moments when food choices need to be made. Those are the moments that are so often and easily masked with food and body obsession. The mindful eating method offers a comprehensive menu of support for people to utilize at their own pace, in their own homes. I highly recommend this thoughtful, thorough and gentle course for anyone who is struggling with their eating, weight and body image.

Sarah Balbi

Clinical Integration Coordinator – Peninsula Wellness Center, Montage Wellness Center, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

I am forever grateful for what the The Mindful Eating Method has done for me and I finally feel like I’ve achieved my ideal body. I love that I’m able to eat food I Iove as long as I stop when I’m full and to only eat when I’m hungry. Every school should be teaching this curriculum as it would help to end the obesity epidemic.

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Jackie Priestley

Eating Psychology Coach and Corporate Trainer

As a former food addict and twenty-year veteran coach, helping clients with compulsive eating issues, I endorse without reservation The Mindful Eating Method. Traditional weight loss programs fail because they fail to address the root issues around overeating and excess weight. The Master Your Mind Master Your Weight training will not only help anyone to lose weight permanently, it will help you to develop a healthier relationship with your body and yourself in the process. Equally importantly, you’ll learn how to master the stress that makes you eat more than you are truly hungry for. This powerful program should be a mandatory part of any effective weight loss wellness program.

Tiago De Silva

Attorney at Law and Founder Vivais Law Firm

The Mindful Eating Method is an inspired tool that has the rare distinction of being applicable to anyone’s weight loss journey. By drawing from her own experiences in a wise way, Lily has eliminated the ‘here’s what I did, so you should do it too’ approach that permeates the weight loss industry. Instead you have in her book and program a great emotional guide to unlocking your own path to weight loss that will work in a lasting way. After over a decade of struggling with my weight, Lily’s brilliance around emotional eating has helped me to unlock a path where I am losing weight with ease. That’s something I always thought was impossible.

Jeannie Michalides

Vice President of Client and Corporate Engagement, Advance Group

I LOVE The Mindful Eating Method!  It’s opened an incredibly powerful Universe for me … and given me a path and tools to thrive. The exercises are really revealing and the routine of writing and reviewing affirmations each morning has been transformative. From a purely business perspective, the quantity and quality of information you’ve organized so effectively is simply amazing. Thank you again for this gift.

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Cecilia Kennedy -AFIS, CLCS

Principal ~ Cecilia Kennedy Insurance Services

The best investment I have made in myself in years was the The Mindful Eating Method. The sessions are fun, intimate and a great way of learning how my untamed mind was affecting every aspect of my life negatively. After ‘graduating’ I feel a sense of refreshment and control over my mind. I dropped weight and stress as a result and my relationships personal and professional have improved 10 fold. I highly recommend Lily Hill’s program; she will inspire you to reach higher than you can imagine!

Kristen DeKam

Federal Field Marketing Principal at CA Technologies

The Mindful Eating Method training exceeded my expectations on every level. Each module felt applicable to my life circumstances as it helped me to completely change my relationship with food and my body for the better. The information was well organized, professionally delivered, and full of supplemental materials and recordings. Lily herself is very accessible and supportive, making the training feel very personal. My heartfelt thanks to Lily for creating this powerful and life changing program.

Susan Clark


Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what an incredible impact your Program, The Mindful Eating Method has been in my life.  The changes that have happened to me truly are miracles and I expect a miracle every day now!  Even when I get off track as I did over the holidays I know that it is just a temporary set-back, because I have learned the tools to tame that “untamed mind” of mine that had been sabotaging my goals and desires.  The unexpected thing – besides losing weight- was how my business just took off by using all the same tools that you taught us. When one constantly lives in a state of positive expectancy and gratitude extraordinary things begin to happen and I love my exciting new life!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Tjuana Walker

Founder, The Inspired CEO, Business Consultant, Global Strategist, Author & Speaker

With the money corporations and the government will save on health related obesity/weight costs, we could reinvest it in other pressing social causes.  The Mindful Eating Method  is going to disrupt the diet industry and change the face of weight loss forever.

Virginia Haberkamp


I have used a number of digital recordings to help with relaxation, meditation, and weight loss. The Mindful Eating Method is by far the most helpful.  It is like having a supportive friend at your side 24/7.  Her voice is soothing and supportive.  Lily has a way of talking me through those times when my emotions overwhelm me, and I find myself reaching for food without hunger. She brings me back to a place of strength and confidence in myself.  My difficult feelings melt away, and if they don't, I move on to the next track and tame those uncomfortable urges.  It is a perfect companion to learning to eat in harmony with my body.

Mahima Klinge

Trainer, Interrnational Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Bestselling Author

The Mindful Eating Method program is a one stop shop for not just weight loss, but stress reduction.  YOu'll lose that mean inner roommate who makes you feel "less than" and gain more connection with your soul self, the part of you that knows it has unlimited potential to do/be whatever your mind can conceive of!

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