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Hello there!  

My name is Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hills, and I'm the creator of the The Mindful Eating Method Online Program and author of the

#1 Amazon bestselling book The Body Love Manual.

I've joyfully spent the last 15 years helping hundreds of thousands of people overcome emotional eating through my radio shows, books, workshops and private coaching practice.  I am proud to be the former radio host for, the number one Health/Fitness site in America with over fifteen million members where I had the privilege of reaching a huge audience to share what I know about loving the body you have as you create the body you want. 

I am grateful to be a fully recovered food addict and compulsive eater and it is my personal mission is to support others in learning a healthy and sustainable approach to weight loss, without dieting, deprivation or obsessing over food. I have taken two decades of research and personal trial and error experience in creating a system, book and online program to guide you to your natural weight once and for all.  

I know this method will be a game changer for you because I created what I most wanted when I was struggling with excess weight and body judgment I could not get over. 


I wanted a voice that would be like a friend, cheerleader and coach that I could connect with 24/7... whenever I was using food for comfort or entertainment versus actual hunger.  I knew after 13 years of trying to do it on my own that I needed support, so that is why I created the online program, The Mindful Eating Method. The program is designed to create natural "highs" that make it easier to resist eating when you are not truly hungry.


My book, The Mindful Eating Method (formerly The Body Love Manual)  is a #1 Amazon Bestseller, winner of USA Book News Best Book of the Year, a finalist in Foreword Reviews in the Self Help category and has been called “A work of monumental importance to women everywhere” because it is turning the diet industry on its head as it teaches readers the nuts and bolts of self love, body love and intuitive eating.


This book will positively impact the way you see your body and most importantly yourself for the rest of your life. It has been called "The Bible of Weight Loss" for a reason!


I am infinitely grateful for my journey to my natural weight and self love I didn't know was even possible, and I can’t wait for you to join me...


Lots of Love, 


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