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(Obesity experts, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and even Harvard Medical School endorse a 
mindful eating approach!)
One year access to the Mindful Eating Method Program.
Today's Special Price: $297.00 
- After March 1, 2021: $1599.00
And in order to sweeten this special deal ... Give the gift of health to a friend! If you buy before March 1, 2021 you'll get a SECOND membership to GIVE to the friend, colleague or family member of your choice! 
That's TWO memberships for the price of ONE!



No pills, crazy calorie counting or restrictive diets...

just a return to natural and joyful, pleasurable eating...

in harmony with your physical appetites vs. emotional appetites

(i.e. stress, overwhelm, depression, confusion, exhaustion) and with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee you literally have nothing to lose,  

but excess weight.  



Sign up before March 1, 2021 and pay just $297.00

(a giant discount off the regular price of $1599.00) and get a second membership for a friend, family member or colleague for FREE!

(After you sign up we'll be contacting you for the contact info of the person you'd like to give the program to!  It's that simple!)

But wait, there's more! Sign up NOW and get access to Lily's Private Mindful Eating Method facebook group. 


You'll gain access to Lily's private coaching!

Lily isn't taking any new clients at this time, so take advantage NOW... 

Let this be the moment your life changed in the ways you most desire! 

You also get FREE ACCESS to a PRIVATE Facebook Group where you can have all of your questions answered regarding the ONLINE PROGRAM, the Body Love Manual, and MINDFUL EATING WEIGHT LOSS as a whole... 

How Can You Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want?

You're about to find out how . . . Sign Up Today!

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