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Do You Feel Stuck on an

Emotional Eating Treadmill?


Get the Freedom and Results You Deserve with the #1 Online Training: 

    The Mindful Eating Method 


the NON-Diet, Natural and Pleasurable Approach to Weight Loss.


 Note from Lily:  Have you struggled with your weight, frustrated and confused by “the next best weight loss fad?”  

Do you find yourself overeating, even when you’re not hungry?   

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to devote the next 11 weeks (or less) to learning and implementing a non-diet, natural and pleasurable approach to weight loss - so that you can overcome overeating, shed excess weight,

 and gain freedom from stress and harsh self and body judgement...

Virtually every weight loss "think tank" in the country (Including the Mayo Clinic,

John's Hopkins University, Stanford University, and Harvard Medical School)

 endorses a "mindful eating" approach to weight loss over dieting...

Program Creator: Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills

Recovered 15 year binge eater and bulimic.

Eating Psychology Expert, #1  Amazon Bestselling Author and the former radio host for the

#1 Health and Weight Loss Site in the country with over 16 million members!

Enthusiastially Recommended by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers

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     If You've Been Waiting for a Sign ... This is It.

Click Below if You Know the time for Taking Radical Action is NOW.


Or ... maybe you need Powerful Testimonials first ... 



Are you ready to enjoy eating without guilt and lose the thoughts that make you so anxious that you turn to food for comfort ... or as an escape?

It's time to change your habits . . . and change your life.




A Moderate Eating Approach 

You'll learn why diets make you go food "crazy" and only lead to additional

weight gain!

You'll also learn the 10 KEYS to losing weight, pleasurably, without dieting and how to keep it off with ease!

Overcome Emotional Eating



You'll be learning how to manage the stress and emotions that make you eat way more than you're hungry for and learn

the powerful alternatives to food to

calm and sooth yourself during challenge and overwhelming times...

24/7 Support Tracks to talk you out of overeating


 You can learn how to overcome overeating at your own pace from the privacy and convenience of your home!


& you'll learn how to love the body you have as you create and maintain your ideal weight... for good!

"I'm sooo intensely grateful that my dieting days are over! I am experiencing freedom around food I didn't know was possible, and a love of my body that has eliminated a huge amount of the frustration and self denigration I used to feel every day."  

Helen Bishop, San Francisco, CA

A "Mindful Eating" Approach is recommended by virtually all the major health research institutions: including Stanford University, John's Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association.

       And that sustainable approach is exactly what this program provides...

 Don't Eat Mindlessly, Eat Mindfully!

And finally face your issues with food so you can heal them once and for all!

We are the only online training in the world to focus predominantly on the "mental" side of weight loss.  Heck, You already know you should be exercising and eating right, but without your mind on your team it is virtually impossible.  

Program Creator Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills

This isn't a diet!  

This is a freedom based natural and pleasurable approach to weight loss that comes from learning to eat in harmony with your body rather than the monkey mind!

You'll be able to eat your favorite foods and STILL melt down to your natural and ideal weight...Why? Because you'll be learning to eat in moderation vs. in deprivation! You can be free from food obsession for ever!


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