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Do You Feel Stuck on an

Emotional Eating Treadmill?

Are you tired of trying to lose the same 30 pounds over and over?


How would you like to learn a

NON -Diet, Natural and Pleasurable Approach to Weight Loss? 


Get the Freedom and Results You Deserve with the #1  Rated: 

  Mindful Eating Method

Online Training! 


          Have you struggled with your weight, frustrated and confused by

“the next best weight loss fad?”



Do you find yourself overeating, even when you’re not truly hungry?   

Hi there! my name is Lily and I too struggled around the exact same issues.  It's now been 26 years since I lost 65 pounds and I've kept it off, with ease, for over 25 (even through menopause). 

And I'm passionate about giving the same healthy and golden keys to non-diet, natural and pleasurable  weight loss to you...


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to devote the next 11 weeks

(or less) to learning and implementing a non-diet, natural and pleasurable approach to weight loss - so that you can overcome overeating, shed excess weight,

 and gain freedom from stress and harsh self and body judgement...

Program Creator: Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills

Recovered 15 year binge eater and bulimic

 #1  Amazon Bestselling Author, Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker and the former radio host for the

#1 Health and Weight Loss Site in the Country with Over 10 Million Members.

How Does Mindful Eating Make Weight Loss Easier?

Learn the Whole Story By Clicking Here...

Virtually every weight loss and obesity "think tank" in the country (Including the Mayo Clinic,

John's Hopkins University, Stanford University, and Harvard Medical School)

 endorses a "mindful eating" approach to weight loss over dieting...


Excess Weight and Excess Stress ... Get Ready to Lose Both ...


The good news is in the Mindful Eating Method 11 Week Program

You'll Not Only Learn the 10 Keys to Natural, Pleasurable and Permanent Weight Loss,

You'll Also Learn How To:

Overcome the Dieters Mentality and it's Frustrating Results ... For Good

       Silence the Stressful Monkey Mind and Kick the Mean Inner Roommate Out of Your Head

Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want

Deal With the Emotions that Drive Poor Food Choices

Transcend Impulsive Eating Habits (i.e. Crush Cravings)

      Address the Issues at the Root of Emotional Eating

Build Healthy Habits and Lose Weight Without Suffering

Build the Super Power Willpower that Allows You to Meet All Your Health Goals ... And Beyond

 Bump up Your Metabolic Rate for Easier Weight Loss

Leave a Legacy of Health to Your Loved Ones


Tired of counting calories?

Frustrated because you know what to do,

but can't stay consistent?

The Mindful Eating Method is a sustainable approach to permanent weight loss that you can stick to for a lifetime.

That's why you'll see results. Guaranteed.


Mindful Eating Will Help You Feel, and Look, Healthier, Younger, Happier and More Energized! 

Endorsed by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (and health care

professionals, and RN's, and therapists, and Phd.'s and other cool humans).

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     If You've Been Waiting for a Sign ... This is It.

Click Below if You Know the time for Taking Radical Action is NOW.


Or ... maybe you need Some Powerful Testimonials first ... 



Are you ready to enjoy eating without guilt and lose the thoughts that make you so anxious that you turn to food for comfort ... or as an escape?

It's time to change your habits . . . and change your life.




A Moderate Eating Approach 

You'll learn why diets make you go food "crazy" and only lead to additional

weight gain!

You'll also learn the 10 KEYS to losing weight, pleasurably, without dieting and how to keep it off with ease.

Overcome Emotional Eating



You'll be learning how to manage the stress and emotions that make you eat way more than you're hungry for and learn

the powerful alternatives to food to

calm and sooth yourself during challenge and overwhelming times...

24/7 Support Tracks to talk you out of overeating


 You can learn how to overcome overeating at your own pace from the privacy and convenience of your home!


& you'll learn how to love the body you have as you create and maintain your ideal weight... for good.

"I'm sooo intensely grateful that my dieting days are over! I am experiencing freedom around food I didn't know was possible, and a love of my body that has eliminated a huge amount of the frustration and self denigration I used to feel every day."  

Helen Bishop, San Francisco, CA

What's the secret?

How has Mindful Eating worked for so many people?

 Because it doesn't require diets, deprivation or calorie counting ... which everyone hates

and no one can stick to.

 Don't Eat Mindlessly, Eat Mindfully!

And Watch the Pounds Melt Away...

And finally face your issues with food so you can heal them once and for all

The Mindful Eating Method is the only online training in the world to focus predominantly on the "mental" side of weight loss.  Heck, You already know you should be exercising and eating right, but without your mind on your team it was virtually impossible ... until NOW.

Program Creator Elizabeth 'Lily' Hills

This isn't a diet!  

This is a freedom based natural and pleasurable approach to weight loss that comes from learning to eat in harmony with your body rather than the monkey mind!

You'll be able to eat your favorite foods and STILL melt down to your natural and ideal weight ... Why? Because you'll be learning to eat in moderation vs. in deprivation! You can be free from food obsession for ever!

What Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Your Healthiest Weight?    

Birds Eye View final.jpg

This program is filled with gold nuggets that have helped me lose the weight ... and the stress that was making me binge!  

-Catherine Green,  SF  California

Stress + Frustration + Self Judgment = More Mindless Eating


Less Stress + More Joy = Makes It Easier to Lose Weight


When You join The Mindful Eating Method Program, you get immediate access to the

11 course audio/video curriculum, which you can view at your own pace from the privacy and convenience of your own home

(and share with any family members who are also struggling).

What's In the Program

The Mindful Eating Method Audio Courses:

    Grab a delicious beverage, sit back (or take a relaxing walk), and listen as Lily takes you step by step through the path to healthy weight loss, where you'll receive all the guidance you need to start overcoming overeating and

changing your relationship with your body

AND food starting NOW. 


Four Unique "Binge Busting" Audio Programs

These audio's are designed specifically to talk you out of binge eating, and give you the willpower to wait to eat until you are truly physically hungry (audio, video and written directions available).   

Stressed Woman
Mature businesswoman sit at desk looks a

 The Mindful Eating Method Video Trainings:

     You'll get easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to eat in moderation and "Mind Mastery" practices to minimize optional stress and emotional eating habits.

   Includes trainings on how to stay

on track while traveling, work

events, holidays and

during extra stressful times.


The Mindful Eating Method Member Forum:

Where you'll have personal access to Lily so that you can ask specific questions about your weight loss journey and get a motivational boost

at the same time

Laptop Ladies
KS 30 Day 1.jpeg

The 30 Day Mindful Eating Method

Quick Start Guide:

 So that you can, easily and super gradually, make the changes required to  reach your natural and ideal weight in tiny steps that give you a sense of daily accomplishment and empowerment. 

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And available for immediate download upon program purchase:

Lily's #1 Amazon Bestselling Book

The Mindful Eating Method -

The Non-Diet Way to

Natural and Pleasurable Weight Loss

(Formerly Titled: The Body Love Manual)

Winner USA Best Books Award in Health, Diet and Weight Loss

Finalist - Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year

Self Help


And many, MANY more tools for transformation ... including

* Directions for how to stay on track with your health goals while traveling

*How to bump up your metabolic rate

*How to dine out and still eat mindfully 

*How to bounce back and get back on track after a binge 

*How to release weight during the holidays and while on vacation 

*Strategies to love the body you have as you create the body you want

*How to reduce stress dramatically (especially during the Covid pandemic) 

*How to guide your family to eat mindfully  

... and much, much more! 

If you know you're ready to get started, risk free...Click Below




Why this is the #1 Online Program in the World to Overcome Binge/Emotional Eating.

(it's not even a competition :)


                 And How is it Different Than ANY OTHER Diet/Weight Loss Program?

The Mindful Eating Method             vs.          Diets/Restrictive Weight Loss Methods

        Trains You to Listen to Your Body                                       Gets you to ignore your body's hunger signals


Allows you to enjoy every meal                                                          Generates guilt around eating

The ONLY long term approach that is sustainable            Fail in the long run in 95-98% of all cases

A return to enjoyable and balanced eating               restrictive and limited approach to eating

A lifetime approach to healthy weight                A short term fix that is ineffective and frustrating

A flexible approach based upon body type                A cookie cutter approach that doesn't work

Teaches you to overcome emotional eating                 Drives you towards emotional overeating

Leads to a healthy relationship with food               Drives you towards emotional eating patterns

A natural approach to weight loss                                            An artificial approach to weight loss

      A flexible eating model and program                                   A highly restrictive and rigid eating model

Teaches you to love and trust your body                                        Generates distrust of your body

Gets to the root of emotional eating issues             A bandaid on the origins of emotional eating

Creates freedom from food obsession                    Stimulates food compulsion and weight gain

Moderation style of eating                                                                                 Avoidance eating style

        Celebrating and enjoying meal time                             Worrying over food choices and fighting urges





Is This the Year

Where You Will Finally Make Yourself and

Your Health a Priority ?


It's Easy with Support and Our Proven and Sustainable Approach to Long Term Weight Loss! 



Please contact us at: 

or simply click below and we'll get right back to you!

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