How are we (happily) different than any traditional diet/weight loss program?

The Mindful Eating Method             vs.          Diets/Restrictive Weight Loss Methods

        Trains You to Listen to Your Body                                       Gets you to ignore your body's hunger signals


Allows you to enjoy every meal                                                          Generates guilt around eating

The ONLY long term approach that is sustainable            Fail in the long run in 95-98% of all cases

A return to enjoyable and balanced eating               restrictive and limited approach to eating

A lifetime approach to healthy weight                A short term fix that is ineffective and frustrating

A flexible approach based upon body type                A cookie cutter approach that doesn't work

Teaches you to overcome emotional eating                 Drives you towards emotional overeating

Leads to a healthy relationship with food               Drives you towards emotional eating patterns

A natural approach to weight loss                                            An artificial approach to weight loss

      A flexible eating model and program                                   A highly restrictive and rigid eating model

Teaches you to love and trust your body                                        Generates distrust of your body

Gets to the root of emotional eating issues             A bandaid on the origins of emotional eating

Creates freedom from food obsession                    Stimulates food compulsion and weight gain

Moderation style of eating                                                                                 Avoidance eating style

        Celebrating and enjoying meal time                             Worrying over food choices and fighting urges




Want to Know EXACTLY what the program includes?  

This video walks you through EVERYTHING in the training,

including a description of the audio programs that talk you out of overeating!

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