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The Body Love Manual

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I'm soooo excited you decided to invest in your relationship with your body and yourself by purchasing this book. You are so wise to take immediate action... it's that kind of focus that will allow you to start moving towards your healthiest weight today!    

Your Next Steps

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There are a few things to do before you immerse yourself in this book...

  • Make sure to like and follow the Body Love Movement Facebook page  where you can get all of your questions answered about Mindful Eating, Weight Loss, and Body Love!


  • Download your "Guide to Eating Out" and check out the "Morning Meditation Guide" - Refer to these often... they will be LIFE CHANGING on your journey!

  • Once you're done with all that... and you have finished reading the book for the first time, (there will be many times you refer back to this investment in your own health) would you PLEASE leave a review on Amazon? 

    •  When you review please review based on content rather than format! (Ex: PDF versus Hard Copy)...  Every review helps us reach more beautiful people and help them achieve their happiest and healthiest weight! 

Lots of Love Darling One, 



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